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What is the Islamic religion

 Right debt controls

There are many religions in the world, and the followers of every religion claim that their religion is the true religion, which deserves to be followed, and the truth is that not all religions can be true, so the truth is one, and it cannot be multiplied, so there must be controls upon which a person can judge Every religion is valid and invalid, so when one of these rules breaks down in a religion, it is void, and the first of these controls is that the religion is revealed by God Almighty, through one of his angels, on one of his messengers. To inform him of the people, and the reason for that is that God Almighty will hold people accountable on the Day of Resurrection.

Any person who came up with a religion, and claimed that it was from him, not from God, his religion was void, and one of the controls also is that the religion calls for the unification of God Almighty with worship, and polytheism is forbidden. Because this is the basis of the call of all the prophets, peace be upon them, as well as for it to be consistent with what the messengers had previously brought about, forbidding immorality, unlawful killing of the soul, and disobedience to parents, just as the true religion must not be contradictory, sometimes forbidding something, and sometimes solving it, And sometimes he enjoins a matter, sometimes it forbids it, and so on, which indicates its nullity. Among the guidelines for judging religion by health is that it works to preserve the five colleges. They are: the mind, the soul, the offspring, religion, and money, and that is through his orders, prohibitions, and morals, and from them as well. Religion is keen to protect people from their oppression of themselves and their oppression to some of them, so it does not allow injustice and does not help it, whether this injustice is the plunder of rights or tyranny with good things, and it is also that religion includes the guidance of man to God Almighty, and his indication of what God wants from him He will achieve peace, tranquility, and security for him, and answer his fateful questions. The true religion should call for good morals.

He forbids lying, immorality, and oppression, and enjoins justice, honesty, truthfulness, and the like, as he must achieve the happiness of the believing person, and be consistent with the peaceful instinct and the right mind, and lastly for the person to point to the truth and invite him to it, And to alienate him from falsehood, and to order him to turn away from him, and that is not to distinguish between his members in terms of sex, color, and the like, or by ordering them to do something that is difficult for them and leads to their destruction.

The Islamic Religion

Islam, in its legal meaning, means surrender and submission to God Almighty in all his legal commands. In this sense, it has two parts: private Islam and general Islam, as for general Islam. It is the religion that the messengers and prophets all brought, peace be upon them, and this was indicated by a number of Qur’anic verses, including the words of God Almighty: (And when I inspired the Apostles to believe in me, and in our messengers, they said, believe in them).

He also made his law the abrogating law of all the laws that he accepted, and commanded to appeal to it, and return disagreement and conflict to its texts. [4] [5] The doctrine of the Islamic religion is based on six main pillars, namely: belief in God is a definite belief, and what is required of him from the deity Deity, names, and attributes, with faith in the angels, the books revealed by God, glory be to Him, and the Messengers whom He sent, and the Last Day that He promised, and the extent that He wrote it for good or evil, and the Islamic religion has characteristics, the first of which is that it is a divine religion, which God - Glory be to Him - revealed to His Prophet Muhammad, may God bless him and grant him peace, and ensured for him to preserve and support him, and its source is the Holy Qur’an

And the noble prophetic Sunnah; Because they are a revelation from God, glory be to Him, and one of its characteristics is that it is a comprehensive religion. God, may He be glorified, has prescribed provisions and legislation that include all the behavior of people and their relationships, and has made it a religion for the two heavens. Mankind, the jinn, which is also the religion of nature, so it does not conflict with the nature of man and his desires, but rather conforms to them and organizes them, just as it is the religion of moderation. That is, the religion of justice and balance, so one aspect does not prevail in it over another, which is the religion of knowledge. The Noble Qur’an encourages learning and respects scholars, and it is also a religion of morals, so all of its rulings meet the ethical intentions that are benign for man.

Manifestations of Islamic perfection

The Islamic religion is considered a complete religion, covering all aspects of a person’s life, and meeting all his needs. In what follows, one aspect of that is explained: [8] It regulates man’s relationship with his Lord and Creator, Glory be to Him, through worship, glorification, thanksgiving, and turning to Him. It opens the doors to the human being the doors of reason, knowledge, learning the names of God, may He be glorified, and His attributes, and learning about worldly and hereafter matters, and the provisions of Islamic law.

Islam regulates man’s relationship with the honorable messengers, peace be upon them, and directs him towards imitating them and following their path. It regulates man’s relationship with other people of all kinds and types, so he regulates his relationship with the believer and the infidel, the rich and the poor, the ruler and the ruled, the young and the old, the scholar and the ignorant, and so on. It regulates a person’s financial transactions, ordering him to earn permissible earnings, leaving the forbidden, and ordering him to refrain from cheating, falsehood, and so on. It regulates the life of women and men, and orders the good upbringing of children, the cohabitation of husbands, and the maintenance of the family against all evil. It organizes man’s life in the hereafter, and shows that it is based on the nature of his life in this world.