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Tolerance |Islam is the religion of forgiveness |Tolerance in Islam


Tolerance is one of the great Islamic morals, and the following is the linguistic and idiomatic meaning of tolerance:


It is a creation that urges a person to be tolerant with other people during his dealings with them, and that is by facilitating and facilitating their affairs, not being strict in them, but kindness and softness so that the matter is easier for them.

Manifestations of tolerance in Islam

Creating tolerance is of great importance in the religion of Islam, and this is evident in several areas, including acts of worship and dealings. This is explained in detail in what follows

Tolerance in worship

The manifestations of tolerance are evident in the acts of worship that a Muslim performs in what follows

Tolerance in ablution for prayer: This is evident in the facilitation of two types of people, and they are: travelers in the event that they are interrupted during their travels, and they do not find water, and the sick in the event that the disease cannot use water with it, so that it harms the wound or delays its healing, in these two cases it is prescribed Tayammum instead of ablution or ghusl in Islam, that is, whether a person is new to a minor event, or a larger event in the case of illness, or travel, and that is to ward off embarrassment, lift the hardship of people, and make it easier for them.

Tolerance in fasting the month of Ramadan for the sick and traveler: This is evident in the permission given to the traveler and the sick, so it is permissible for them to break the fast during Ramadan. The Almighty said:

Tolerance in food that is forbidden for the needy: Where a person is allowed to eat what is forbidden if he has never found food, and he has reached his most intense hunger, but it is permissible for him to the extent that necessity permits him, so it is estimated by its extent, and if a person’s need is removed, the permission for him will be denied. (Unless you are forced to)

Tolerance in shortening prayers: shortening prayers when traveling is only for prayers of four rak'ahs, namely: Zuhr, Asr, and Isha. As for Fajr and Maghrib, there is no shortening in them.

Tolerance in redressing the deficiency in prayer: It is permissible for a Muslim to prostrate the prostration of negligence upon forgetfulness, error, or negligence in the prayer, as a compensation for the deficiency that occurred in his prayer.

Tolerance in the number of times the obligatory Hajj is performed: It is the mercy of God Almighty for His servants that it is obligatory for them to perform the Hajj worship once in a lifetime, as if the duty was to perform it more than once, it would be difficult for Muslims.

Tolerance among worshipers

Muslims in general, and scholars in particular, should strive to discuss with each other, so that their words are united, discord between them will disappear, and the hypocrites will disappear from society. The Messenger of God - may God’s prayers and peace be upon him - likened the believer’s cooperation with his believer to a high and cohesive structure, and from the manifestations of tolerance between Servants

Not to mistrust others and spread the good word, there is a big difference between those who seek to spread abuse and discord among Muslims in order to offend them, and those who advise others to explain the faults of one of the people not to contempt or diminish, but rather as a way of explaining the situation and advising the believers so that they are not deceived by people's conditions . Providing advice and explaining mistakes to people so that they are not deceived and deceived, and not to be hurt by others or gossiping over them.

Tolerance controls

Tolerance does not mean that a person’s right is lost, nor that he is weak, submissive, and humiliated. Rather, he is a strong, self-confident person with a personality that combines firmness and softness, each in its place, and there are three basic things that are the controls and components of tolerance, and they are

The forgiveness of anger when seeing a violation of the prohibitions of God Almighty, he must always be in a state of balance between intensity, softness and kindness during his dealings, and this is in all actions except in what God Almighty has forbidden, in this case it is not permissible to compromise, and the significance of that is what was mentioned in the hadith Sharif: (The Messenger of Allah peace be upon him between two things but he Oasarhama, unless it is a sin, it was a sin was far people from him, and avenged the Messenger of Allah, peace be upon him for himself but violate the sanctity of God, Ventqm God out)

If the tolerant seeks his right if he is right, then there is no objection to a person being tolerant, and at the same time able to take his right and defend it. The forgiving of the enemies of God Almighty and not taking them as guardians. Tolerance with them does not mean that a Muslim takes them as guardians, for guardianship is only to God - the Most High - and His Messenger Muhammad - may God bless him and grant him peace - and for those who follow his approach among the believers, as for those who violate the orders of God - Almighty - it is not permissible to be loyal to him.

The effects of tolerance

When individuals enjoy creating tolerance, the benefits and positive effects spread in their lives, including: [9] Emphasizing the principle of mutual respect among people despite their different ideas. People spread the experiences of each other to each other, leading to an exchange of benefits. Hearts are safe from hatred, envy, and other things that weaken the heart and give it worry

The disappearance of some mental illnesses that affect some individuals as a result of their intolerance. Ease of living, and enjoying a decent life away from problems and division. The prevalence of intimacy and love among members of society, and the common good among them. Renounce violence that could lead to widespread discord and crimes. The spread of security in individuals' lives, and their inner sense of safety. The tolerant individuals enjoyed the positivity. Receive the great reward and reward from God Almighty