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Introducing Islam


The Prophet Muhammad - may prayers and peace be upon him - brought the great message of

 Islam to all of humanity, and that message was the culmination of the divine messages from

 Adam - upon him be peace - just as that message was dominant over messages and a copy of

 them, so that a person’s Islam and faith would not be accepted unless he sincerely acknowledged

 these The message and its final prophet believed in it, and this message was characterized by

 other messages that it did not reach the hands of distortion. Rather, God Almighty preserved his

 dear book, which represents the constitution of this nation from distortion, so what is the

 definition of Islam by explaining its pillars and the pillars of faith in God Almighty?

Islam, in its definition, is the religion of God Almighty revealed through the revelation of Gabriel

 - peace be upon him - on the Prophet Muhammad bin Abdullah, may the prayers and peace be

 upon him, with which all the divine messages were sealed, and the book of Islam is the Noble

 Qur’an that considers the eternal miracle of Islam, and it requires submission to the religion of

 Islam and submission to it to achieve Its pillars and belief in them, which are two-fold; The

 pillars of Islam, in which a person is judged by Islam simply by believing in them, and the pillars

 of faith, which indicate a greater meaning and a higher degree in a Muslim’s belief and belief.

Pillars of Islam

The testimony that there is no god but God and that Muhammad is the Messenger of God, so that in order for a person to enter into the religion of God from the outset, he must utter the expression of the two testimonies clearly and explicitly, and the meaning of the two testimonies is the oneness of God Almighty and his singling out worship and the intention is complete unification, including the unification of Godhead, the unification of divinity and the unification of attributes, as well as the testimony that the Prophet The ring Muhammad - may blessings and peace be upon him - is the Messenger of God because he was the one who brought this message, and he was specialized in carrying the trust of communicating it to people. Establishing prayer, as prayer is the cornerstone of the righteous religion and the solid rope of God, and its cornerstone comes from its importance in the life of a Muslim. Paying the zakat, because zakat is a known right in the money of the rich to be paidFor the poor and needy. Fasting Ramadan, which is the blessed month that God Almighty assigned to the premise of fasting. Pilgrimage to the home is for whomever is able to go, and Hajj is an obligation that has its rituals and merits.

Pillars of Faith

Pillars of Faith As for the Pillars of Faith, they are six that, with their existence, realize true faith, which is for a Muslim to believe in God Almighty, His Messengers, His Angels, His Books, the Last Day, and Fate. Good and bad. There is no doubt that Islam has included legislations and rulings that address all aspects of a Muslim’s life and his dealings with others, so that that life is regulated by ideals, morals and values, so that the Islamic community is the best of societies and the best of nations.